• Owner & Director of the Yoga Shed
  • Director of SIYI Teacher Training program
  • Yoga Alliance 500hr Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher
  • Certified AcroYoga® Teacher
  • Certified AFPA Personal Trainer
  • Certified PSIA Snowboard Instructor
  • Certified USPA Coach
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Growing up in New Zealand, Emma has always enjoyed an active lifestyle. She is an adventurous, outdoors woman, with a love for action sports. She was trained in the U.S.A. and has been teaching Yoga for the past 15+ years both in U.S.A. and New Zealand. In 2003 Emma completed a 2 year, 1000 hour intensive ‘Precision Alignment Yoga Teacher Training Certification’, at the Southern Institute for Yoga Instructors (SIYI). Her Primary teachers are SIYI Founders, Betty Larsen and John Charping. Emma continues to work with John and Betty on a regular basis. Emma has also had the pleasure, and honor of working with other teachers including: Erich Schiffman, Roger Cole, Bobby Goldin, Nichala Joy Devi, Felicity Green, Bryan Kest, Anodea Judith, Jason Nemer and more…

Emma is registered with the International Yoga Alliance at the 500hr, Experienced Advanced level. In 2008, Emma became the Director of SIYI’s Teacher Training Certification Program. She specializes in Teacher Trainings, Workshops, Master classes and Private lessons.

Emma teaches Precision Alignment Yoga, Hot yoga, Precision Alignment Flow, Yoga & The Chakras and AcroYoga. In addition to her Yoga Teaching, Emma’s passions include Skydiving, Snowboarding, Surfing, AcroYoga and Human Body Flight


Scott Palmer aka “Plamer” is a professional Skydiving Instructor and coach/BASE jumper and Co-Owner of The Yoga Shed. As an action sports athlete Scott needs to keep himself active and in good health. He has found that Yoga is the perfect balance for his high adrenalin lifestyle, keeping him strong and flexible, calm and focused. Throughout the years Scott’s passion for yoga has deepened as he continues to discover the benefits of regular practice as a cross training tool, maintenance program and injury prevention and rehabilitation practice. A natural teacher in his field of expertise Scott is able to adapt his teaching style to the needs of his students, he has found in recent years that incorporating Yoga into his Skydiving Instruction has just become a natural process. Understanding the benefits of formal training, in 2010 Scott decided to take on the challenge of SIYI’s Precision Alignment Yoga Teacher Training Certification….Scott is a dynamic and active yogi, who loves to share his Yoga knowledge and experiences with others.


Hippie-Punk-Goth-veganflexible yoga fan searching for harmony at all levels, physical, sensual, emotional, intellectual, “relational”. I want to follow my dreams but I don’t know which one, so I make it work with what I have, where I am, with whom I am. Born and raised in Belgium, I am a linguist by formation and by passion; I have studied literature and linguistics in French, English, American, Dutch and Italian. I also have a background and training in ballet. Exploring the capabilities of mind and body led me to Yoga and eventually to sharing yoga with others. I have completed a 300hr SIYI precision alignment yoga certification, which was the logical culmination of a 12 plus year yoga practice. In yoga I love to challenge the body (safely, unlike ballet) with discipline, focus and gracefulness (like ballet) to achieve the only form of meditation that really works for me. “Yoga is my version of flying.”


The best teachers remain lifelong students. With a teacher like Emma, I take away something invaluable from every lesson. I have completed the 300 hour Precision Alignment Yoga teacher training certification through the Southern Institute for Yoga Instructors and have been teaching for about 4 years. I am also studying physical therapy to further expand on the therapeutic benefits of alignment yoga.

My asana philosophy is simple, props are for pros! At The Yoga Shed, we are fortunate enough to have all the blocks, straps, blankets and bolsters at our disposal, as well as the yoga wall.  These are the tools we use as an extension of our foundation, to bring people back to alignment and to accommodate EVERY body.

With the breath as our primary focus, I love being able to share with students the power we posses over our own bodies. Yoga unites body, mind and breath, and my goal is to allow every student to feel at home in their bodies, knowing they can start exactly where they are.




Arielle graduated from The University of South Florida in Tampa in 2012, receiving a bachelor’s degree in Dance Studies.

Recently, in December 2013, Arielle also completed the 300hr Teacher Training Certification in Precision Alignment Yoga through the Southern Institute for Yoga Instructors (SIYI) program offered at The Yoga-Shed.

Dancing since I was three years old, I would have never guessed that yoga would become one of my other greatest passions. I had taken a few yoga classes before, but I always came out feeling confused and defeated. Until one day, a friend urged me to try a class at The Yoga-Shed. She was certain I would love it, and so I reluctantly agreed to attend a seven o’clock class on a Sunday morning. Sun burnt and drained from the previous day’s activities, I left feeling refreshed. My energy was renewed. I had never felt so alive. I had never experienced anything like it before. Precision Alignment Yoga was a perfect match.

During my freshman year of college, I injured my ankle and had to take an entire semester off. It was difficult to see my fellow dancers grow without me. During my recovery, I felt like I had lost a part of me, and I struggled to get back to being that fearless dancer I once was. Yoga has allowed me to go inside and discover my body again; it has lead me to a path to where, along the way, I can unearth the real Arielle hidden deep down within.

Arielle has just begun teaching in February of 2014 and is excited to experience what else life has in store.


Betty Larsen

Certified to teach Iyengar yoga in 1988, is co-founder and senior teacher of the prestigious Southern Institute for Yoga Instructors (SIYI). She studied with B.K.S. Iyengar in Pune, India and has continued her training with Geeta Iyengar and Ramanand Patel. Betty brings to her teaching a deep understanding of human behavior and a thorough knowledge of the human body through her years of studying functional anatomy and through her art work of sculpting the human figure